The Hacker’s Guide to Tea

Espresso receives alot ofattention, however if tea’s extra your fashion, tea guru Tony Gebely presents this information to understanding and brewing higher tea—discussing the procedure, the sorts, and the care essential to domesticate a terrific style for tea.

Whether or not you are the sort of espresso drinker that slugs lower back the swill within the break-room espresso… Study extra Examine greater

Understanding Tea: The Rapid Model

  • All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. In case you are consuming some thing that failed to come from this plant (chamomile, mint, tulsi, rooibos, and so on) it’s not tea.
  • White, Inexperienced, Oolong, Yellow, Black and Pu-erh teas all come from the camellia sinensis plant and the sort of tea is decided by the processing strategies used on the plucked leaves.
  • Tea consists of L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes intellectual acuity. The mixture of L-theanine and caffeine creates a way of “conscious attention.”
  • Tea may be organized in any vessel by steeping the leaves instantly in warm water so long as you pressure the leaves out of the water earlier than ingesting.
  • The greater oxidized the tea leaves are, the warmer the water temperature must be when steeping.

Understanding Tea: The Lengthy Model

Further to caffeine, tea includes an amino acid referred to as L-theanine. “A number of research from Japan and the UK have proven that consumption of 50mg of L-theanine will increase alpha wave undertaking inside the mind, with the most impact occurring about eighty minutes after consumption. This quantity is equal to about three cups of tea. Alpha waves correspond to a relaxed-however-alert intellectual state, and are believed to be an essential a part of selective interest (the flexibility to select to pay interest to some thing and keep away from distraction by different stimuli)” [source:]. L-theanine in tea produces a kind of “conscious attention” not evident in espresso. That is what prevents the 3pm “espresso crash.”

This makes tea an vital device for sustaining intellectual perspicacity for hours of coding, late night time overall performance, or for getting by these bleak morning hours.



Let’s get this out of the way in which – tea baggage suck. Truly, most mainstream tea sucks. Mainstream tea is low high quality, blended, and typically includes inexpensive flavorings. There are numerous tea stores on the market that purchase straight from small farmers that produce small crops every season and probably procedure the tea by hand.

What You Want to Know

  • All true tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant [photo above]. White, Inexperienced, Oolong, Yellow, Black, and Pu-erh teas all come from this plant.
  • Free tea may be steeped a number of instances. Some teas might be re-steeped 20 or extra instances. The taste is progressively extracted from the leaves with every subsequent steep.
  • When purchasing for tea, search for corporations that provide details about the place the tea is from, the way it was processed, who grew it, and most significantly-when the tea was harvested.

Steep It

When steeping the tea, make certain the tea can pass freely with the aid of the water, this policies out tea baggage, tiny tea infusion baskets, tea balls, and so forth. Ideally, pour water straight over the tea after which pressure earlier than ingesting. In case you ought to use an infuser, a giant finum strainer [photo left] works properly and nonetheless enables for right water move.

Relying on the sort of tea you might be steeping there are two essential variables you ought to pay interest to: water temperature, and steeping time. I am assuming you’re utilising good water, as tea is ninety eight% water – making use of a robust chlorinated water can be a terrible thought. On the whole, hotter water ought to be used for hugely oxidized teas. Don’t forget, you might be making ready a drink which you need to take pleasure in, so usually take tea directions with a grain of salt. Experiment usually to find out the “candy spot” together with your teas and consider—a superb tea is a forgiving tea. In case your tea is bitter, cut down the steeping temperature. In case your tea is simply too weak, raise the quantity of tea leaves used or raise the steeping time. Right here are some rules I ship out with orders for Chicago Tea Backyard:

It’s not essential to get actual severe concerning the steeping temperatures, for 195, boil water, take it off the range, and wait a few minute. For a hundred and seventy, wait longer. Consider, experiment usually.

If you wish to get severe about steeping your tea, use a yixing pot, or a gaiwan. In case you want power, reflect onconsideration on consuming matcha – a suspension of powdered tea. You might be truly consuming the leaf so the fitness advantages and power obtained from matcha are higher than that in different teas. In case you want peace, examine the gongfuteaceremony [pictured here]–-it is a superb thanks to loosen up so that you can take pleasure in and admire the tea.


A contemporary tea have to have a shelf lifetime of about two years, a gently oxidized tea may emerge as stale faster. Keep your tea away from mild, warm air, and any robust scents.


There may be lots of good tea info on the market. I hugely propose James Norwood Pratt’s New Tea Lover’s Treasury and Heiss’ Story of Tea. In case you choose an internet useful resource, Michael J Coffey has a priceless wiki of his lookup right here and I’ve assembled a Google Reader bundle of tea blogs.

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