The Easiest Way to Stop a Nosebleed, According to a Harvard Doctor

Nosebleeds, additionally referred to as epistaxis, are often greater annoying than they’re painful. Nevertheless, you desire to cease them as quickly as achievable so that you don’t, you already know, bleed all around the place. Right here’s what a physician from Harvard Medical Faculty suggests.


You’ve most likely heard all varieties of domestic cures for nosebleeds within the previous, however most of them are hogwash. Putting an ice pack in your neck, for instance, hasn’t proven a lot promise in research. Identical with setting an ice pack in your brow. Happily, there may be a trick that works when you have a touch persistence. In a video at Harvard Med Faculty’s weblog, Dr. Howard LeWine demonstrates the procedure in some steps.

  1. Begin by tilting your head ahead so that you cease blood from, ahem, flowing down your throat.
  2. Place your thumb and index finger on both facet of the bridge of your nostril.
  3. Slide them all the way down to the “drop off” the place the bone offers thanks to cartilage, and pinch.
  4. Maintain with a bit strain till the bleeding stops. You can ought to regulate the place your fingers are till you locate it.

That ought to do it. If not, you could ought to go along with a backup plan that normally works: stuffing your nostril with gauze or tissue. You’ll look a bit stupid, however it would shut off the blood faucet if the pinch trick doesn’t work.

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